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AFAIK this is a first time Twitter has appeared in the world of Dilbert. Goes to show how far the service is progressing into the mainstream. A recent report by eMarketer suggests that Twitter user numbers could exceed 26m in the US alone. Global estimates have been put at 35-45m current users. Even with the hype, the platform has gone from a niche social site to a global player.

Coming back down to earth though, Dilbert is probably closer to the reality for most bosses who jump on the Twitter bandwagon. If you’re not already getting Scott Adam’s masterpiece through your email each morning, then sign up here.

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One Response to Twitter Debutes In Dilbert

  1. Well, Twitter’s now no longer new and exciting!

    I think it’s short of the mark. In reality, the Boss would be Tweeting reams and reams of corporate jargon about why he’s offering a trend-leading customer service that’s ahead of the curve.

    And he’d be calling himself a Twitter Guru!

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