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SocialBlogrollIt’s not very Web 2.0 of us but today SocialBlogroll is out of beta. Thanks to everyone (esp. John and Lee) who have claimed their blog and helped us test the system.

We’re now polling over 100 blogrolls belonging to everyone from Matt Cutts, SugarRae to Mikkel deMib Svendsen to find out which blogs they rate within the internet marketing blogosphere. To view the top 100+ list click here.

Of course socialblogroll is more than just a voting platform. Those blogroll votes decide what content is included and rated in the system. From over a 100 blogroll lists the top 9 blogs are as follows:

  1. SearchEngine Land
  2. SEOMoz Daily SEO Blog
  3. TopRank Online Marketing Blog
  4. Search Engine Roundtable
  5. SEOBook
  6. Matt Cutts
  7. Michael Gray – Graywolf
  8. SEW Blog
  9. SEO by the Sea – Bill Slawski

For those people who didn’t get on the front page, not to worry. We have added a tagging system into SocialBlogroll. You can claim your blog and add tags to raise its visibility. These tagged pages have already formed some useful niche aggregators: i.e. forums, link building, domaining and PPC

We have also added AJAX search, so you can get an (relatively) instant view of any subject within the internet marketing blogosphere. We hope people find this useful and let us know any ideas for improvements. We’ll be adding more gatekeepers over the next few months as we see the system develop.

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