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che-guerrilla-marketersRobert Kim, Investor and writer for Forbes and FastCompany, has put together a list of The Top 100 Guerrilla Social Media Marketing Firms and Consultants 2013. It’s an interesting collection of internet professionals and thought-leaders from different disciplines.

I’m flattered that Robert has included me on the list, I can see industry collegues I know and respect there so it’s good company. There are also some names I don’t recognise, from across the marketing spectrum. It’s always interesting seeing people outside my disciplines putting together influencer lists, as you get forced out of your comfort zone into a new perspective. I’m looking forward to monitoring this list for new insights.

To make life simple, I scraped Robert’s list and then uploaded them to a Twitter list in bulk. If you would like to automatically follow everyone on Robert’s post, then you are welcome to subscribe to this list: Guerrilla Marketers 2013

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