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Well it was bound to happen. Underhand tactics are coming into play in the SEOBook vs. Traffic Power lawsuit. First we had the mysterious Frank, a.k.a. Potato Boy, duking it out with Aaron and NFFC. Such classics as, "It’s funny how scared of us you are. Anybody who does research on a company by reading forums is an idiot, and we don’t want their business." Other such gems can be found in the comments section of Aaron's Blog.

Now we have a new campaign, led by the mysteriously named 'French Quarter' who writes:


Donate to Aaron Wall's legal fund? You must be kidding. Why so a spoiled little brat can rant and rage against things he doesn’t like. This is a sad and pathetic joke, in case it has escaped your attention there are people in New Orleans who are DYING, and could really use donations. Anyone who sent Aaron Wall any money should be ashamed of themselves, to support this and turn your back on people who are in real need is disgusting. Aarons right to bash a bunch of spammers, is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, if the Blogging Community want to rally behind something, raise money to help the people of New Orleans!


Now the sentiment is fine, I don’t think any one of us would disagree that urgent donations are needed for the tragedy in New Orleans. However like many sane people, I don’t see the two causes as mutually exclusive.

What worries me though is that this activity shows all the signs of being part of an anonymous smear campaign against SEOBook. Not only does it appear on Aaron’s blog, but on Blog Herald, The Intuitive Life Business Blog, SE Roundtable, SE Journal & Abakus SEO Blog. Only time and Google search will tell how many other sites have this exact comment. Further to this our concerned citizen has taken the time out to create a Google group, subtly named "Aaron-Wall-is-a-Hypocrite" (linked to his/her name on these posts).

I also wonder if it is merely a coincidence that many of all the Google Adverts on that site are for Mesothelioma or Medications. For those not-in-the-know these are among the highest paying keyword terms available. Clever marketing campaign or plaintiff fundraising drive? Who knows?

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  2. ROFL They didn’t even spell truly correct.

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