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Google has announced, what is being described by many commentators as one of the most fundamental changes to Adwords in years.

There has been widespread coverage of the Enhanced Campaigns from industry PPC specialists but what does this update mean for organic search and SEO?

Moving Forward On Both Indexes

Adwords is the commercial core of Google, changing that structure shows their commitment to supporting mobile results. It also confirms that Google views desktop and tablet as one platform. Although there are around 16 key differences between Google’s mobile and desktop results, we will not have to worry about ranking in a tablet-specific index in the future.

Examining Organic Traffic By Device

Tablets and desktops will be grouped together, rather than treated as separate devices as they have been. Advertisers who have gained efficiencies from targeting tablets separately from desktops will now be forced to pay desktop CPCs, and that transparency around tablet performance will disappear.
— Ginny Marvin [more]

This change brings an opportunity for SEO/PPC integration and support between the channels. The SEO team already have a good picture of organic traffic on tablet devices. Analysis on bounce rates and user interaction will give our clients advance warning on how this update is likely to affect their PPC campaigns, once they are forced to drive the same traffic to both platforms.
I’d recommend carrying out this investigation now, so steps can be taken to reduce tablet bounce rates or at the least, a business case can be built to justify this web development.

While Adwords Enhanced Campaigns are optional at the moment, Google will move all advertisers to this format by mid-2013. If the tablet bounce rate is still an issue by that date, you maybe sensible to temporarily move budget to other channels, in order to maintain online performance.

You may want to take advantage of Google’s Analytic Solution Gallery, they have provided a free Mobile Ecommerce Dashboard that gives you the data needed to make this call.

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