PubCon Poker Tournament and FightClub 2008

seo poker tournament PubCon Poker Tournament and FightClub 2008Dr. David Klein has just opened registration for the PurposeInc Poker Tournament, to take place at the PubCon conference in Las Vegas next month. Last year’s event was great fun and the most talked about entertainment event at the conference. If you’re attending PubCon, sign up now!

Don’t worry if you’re new to poker. The number of players combined with some very understanding and helpful dealers meant that no-one felt left out. The unofficial scorecard is the number of free drinks you manage to get off the waitresses, my total of 3 wasn’t as embarrasing as some. heh. Dan Perry managed to walk off with the prize money of $3195, playing against Shoemoney in the final.

Entry to the competition is free but you’ll need to put up $150 to play. That is paid before the event starts. More information here.

neil fightclub PubCon Poker Tournament and FightClub 2008PurposeInc has also organised a FightClub for the PubCon event, where you can get some instruction from Shawn Tompkins, trainer of Randy Couture, the 5 X Heavyweight Champion of the world. Randy by the way, will be defending his title against Brock Lesnar on the Saturday night after Pubcon.

The event is open to anyone who has anything to do with PubCon, will cost $150 and you can sign-up now See you there.

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