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Facebook Language & Location Targeting Misses the Mark

If Facebook was a country, 500m users would make it the 3rd largest. Some way behind China (1.3bn) and India (1.2m) but comfortably ahead of America (312m). It's easy to see why this platform has become a central pillar of social media marketing in … [Read more]

Industry In Revolt Now Turns On

Could a 25-year old SEO expert by the name of Rhea Drysdale have started a revolution in our industry? Her successful fight to save the SEO trademark has renewed interest in others who stand accused of profiteering from the industry. First of … [Read more]

UK Newspapers To Charge For Content

The Times and Sunday Times announced today their plans to restrict access to paid membership from June. News International, the newspapers’ parent company, announced that readers will be offered a day’s use for £1, or £2 for a week’s … [Read more]

Google Global Firefox Plugin

The guys over at RedFly have kindly released a new Firefox plugin to help with international SEO. You can use the Google Global plugin to view PPC and organic results from any set country, region or city around the world. I've just added a new … [Read more]

Why You Should Always Control Your Content

There's a sad story in the Guardian today about several leading music blogs being shut down on It seems they had DMCA notices filled against them and although they attempted to respond to the complaints, Blogger deleted their entire … [Read more]

Google Defines Search Space Not ICANN

ICANN has just delayed the launch of their new Top Level Domain (TLD) extension program, which lets businesses apply for custom extensions such as .shoes, .flowers and .texas. They have cited technical, economic, legal, and policy issues that still … [Read more]

French Handball Creates Online Reputation Nightmare

Communication has been drastically changed by the Internet. Now world events are commented on within minutes by thousands of users. So when Henry Thierry used the 'hand of God' to push them through to French team through to the 2010 WorldCup - … [Read more]

Google Speed Ranking Effect On International SEO

My first thought when hearing that Google are making site speed a ranking factor, was how this would affect International SEO. Hosting infrastructure in the US is large-scale, reliable and often cheaper than local providers in developing … [Read more]

Using Network Features On Sphinn

In this post, I wanted to show you one of the useful additions to the new Sphinn platform; networking. This feature lets you filter the articles on the site to submitters you trust and want to follow. Underneath each submission there is an add … [Read more]

Unfortunate ALT Tags in Email Campaign

This piece of email marketing from Vocus PR made me smile today. You have to wonder if they checked the mailing without the images being shown (default usually). Writing out the full word "Bullet" in the ALT tags is going to take a few seconds … [Read more]