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135+ Schema or Microformats For Local Business Rich Snippets

My good friend Joost and others have uncovered a treasure trove of Local Business sub-type schema, from Dentists and Hotels to Plumbers and Nightclubs. The LocalBusiness schema is quite interesting in itself, you can use it to indicate if the … [Read more]

Google Rewards Responsive Web Design For Mobile

I really enjoyed hearing +PierreFar discuss Google Recommendations for Mobile Websites at the SearchLondon conference this week. The document he authored has become an invaluable resource on the topic, so if by some chance you haven't studied this in … [Read more]

Expert Tips on Increasing Website Speed

Not sure if this is just my network, but recently my Google+ feed has definitely improved. Over the weekend, a thread about improving website speed encouraged some really useful contributions. Scott True kicked things off with this … [Read more]

AOL and Hotmail Users Spend More Than Gmail

Those clever folk over at MailChimp have been carrying out some research using their extensive dataset of user email conversions/purchases. Well, we wondered if we could use this data to say anything about the spending habits of email addresses by … [Read more]

Thomas Cook New Year’s Resolutions Calculator

Thomas Cook has just released an extremely smart piece of content, a New Year's Resolutions Calculator with a twist. The tool allows you to input your vices, then using HTML5/CSS3 it works out what you could save over 3, 6 or 12 months if you choose … [Read more]

Real SEOs Can View Source Code

One of the concurrent arguments in this industry, aside from whether the discipline is dead or not, revolves around what skills are essential for a "real" SEO. My opinion is that SEO has returned to being a technical expertise. Practitioners need to … [Read more]

Tumblr Overtakes Blog In Search Volume

An interesting trend, Google Trends is reporting that searches containing the keyword "tumblr" have now overtaken those containing "blog" (Google Trends works on phrase match results). So 2013 is the year that articles give way to … [Read more]

Each Second Of Video Delay Will Loose You 6% Users

A new study entitled "Video Stream Quality Impacts Viewer Behavior" reports that users will begin to abandon your videos if they fail to load in 2 seconds. For every 1 second of further delay you can expect to loose another 6% of users, with a 5 … [Read more]

Pinterest Enables Business Accounts

Caught my eye this week, that Pinterest have just enabled business accounts for users. To date commercial activity was actually against their guidelines. As Liz Gannes over at AllthingsD explains, Aside from being allowed to act commercially, there … [Read more]

Raising Conversion Through Badges

This infographic at Econsultancy created by Monetate suggests that product badges can actually improve conversion rates by as much as 55%, so it’s clearly a sales method that can’t be ignored. I've found this to be true within ecommerce CRO. Look … [Read more]