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We had the pleasure of hosting the first ever Opera Backstage Conference in Russia last week. The Opera browser is very popular over here in Russia and they currently have around 12-14% market share (compared against 3% for Firefox). That was fairly evident in the reception they got.

If you’ve been away from Opera or never tried it – then head over and grab the latest copy of the browser or their mobile version. The add-on widgets (read plugins) are well worth playing around with but I think we’ll have to develop some SEO tools on that front.

I’d like to send my thanks to Charles, Oleg, Johan, Ben and Ilya for making it such a good event. You can view pictures here.

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2 Responses to Opera visit us in Russia

  1. Good job hosting this event Nick. Sounds like the students really really know thier stuff and asked good questions. I tried Opera back in the day and liked the tab feature, everyone has that now, but I think there were ads. Have to try it again. Good move by Opera to get out and do this, I think they may have some loyal fans.

  2. Yes the event went down very well here but they have a huge user base in Russia (their largest for any country). As to organising a conference – blimey it’s not easy and I have a new found respect for Danny and the others!

    Moving to a free version was a good move for Opera – I was put off by the ads before too (and too cheap to buy a browser!). They have some serious competition in Firefox but it was good to hear how they have supported (and even written in some cases) the standards for browsers (XML/CSS etc.). They are well ahead of FireFox in those areas.

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