New MSN promotional viral

ms dewey New MSN promotional viral

As part of new promotional campaign for Live Search, MSN have released a viral. Ms Dewy, a sarcastic character will provide a running commentary on your searches.

Leave it alone for a few minutes and you’ll get a glimpse of MSN that will frighten the tin-hat brigade (possible Google aspirations here? heh).

Keep asking questions, the more you ask the more I’ll know and soon I’ll Rule The World Mwahahaha

View here

Update: Kim Krause has written a far better write up than me, over at the Cre8pc blog

They don’t tell you, however, about her little performance last night for my husband, where she appeared to start to remove her clothing. He typed in “strip” and she replied, “Well, maybe just this once”, and then proceeded to start unbuttoning her black dress. There’s a bit of buffering and interference when she does, but you get the idea of what she has in mind.

Well Kim, I think I better go and check that out for er… research purposes

Nick Wilsdon is the Head of Content and Media at iProspect UK, part of the Densu Aegis Network. He manages online campaigns for the UK's leading telecom, finance and FMCG brands.


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