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We got the idea for this project after reading this post by Lee Odden (TopRank). SocialBlogrollHe talked about ways of easily monitoring the huge number of marketing blogs that are now available. He pointed to some good online aggregators but we felt they were missing something – the social element.

Imagine if you could ask 50 internet marketing professionals which blogs they suggest you read. Then rank all these sites depending on the number of individual votes they receive. Well that is exactly what SocialBlogroll has done for you.

For a long time the blogroll element of WordPress has not been used to its full potential. Many people seem to put up a list of links and then forget about it. However WordPress provides a great management interface which allows you to easily add or delete entries. Unknown by many, this list is actually made public in OPML format.

In the Web 2.0 style of mashup data, we have created an aggregator that polls the blogrolls of our selected gatekeepers. All pillars of the internet marketing community of course.

What has this got to do with Jim Boykin?. Well it turns out that well over half the people we polled had recommended his blog. So I don’t want to hear anymore nonsense about you going underground Boykin – you have an audience waiting. We have the statistics to prove it.*

P.S. The system is still very beta so let me know if it breaks. I’m on the way to Vegas now but will be checking on it once we hit the UK. You can find out the top 100 blogs in the community here, and claim your blog to add tags. Check the AJAX search on the system as well. More on SocialBlogroll here and our FAQs.

*Same for you Malicoat. What is it with all the link ninjas all slacking off?

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