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In this post, I wanted to show you one of the useful additions to the new Sphinn platform; networking. This feature lets you filter the articles on the site to submitters you trust and want to follow.

Underneath each submission there is an add button, as you see below. Click this to add this person to your network.


Then turn network filtering on, using the option at the top of the ‘Hot or Not’ or front page.


You then have your news filtered according to the submitters you want to follow. Less noise, more signal. You can also see this view of the site by default in the My Network tab. Here you can see who is in your network and who has placed you in their network (i.e. following you).


Here are 20 top-quality submitters from my network that you may want to follow. You can also do this from the link on their profiles.


  1. Sebastian X
  2. ViperChill (Glen Allsopp)
  3. Matt McGee
  4. Ruud Hein
  5. Chris Winfield
  6. Hugo Gill
  7. Tamar
  8. JillWhalen
  9. Danny Sullivan
  10. Onreact (AKA Tadeusz Szewczyk)
  11. Everett Sizemore
  12. graywolf (Michael Gray)
  13. Brian Chappell
  14. richardbaxterseo (Richard Baxter)
  15. Matt Siltala
  16. Dave Davis
  17. incrediblehelp (Jaan Kanellis)
  18. St0n3y (Stoney deGeyter)
  19. kevgibbo (Kevin Gibbons)
  20. AgentA (Alec Green)

Free free to add me to your network also (Nick Wilsdon)

If you’re submitting great material on Sphinn, please add a link to your profile in the comments below. I’m always on the look out for quality submitters to follow, especially outside the usual circles.

It may help you too. Getting yourself onto the network of regular Sphinn members raises your visibility within the platform. It shouldn’t guarantee votes but it will get your submissions read by more users.

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9 Responses to Using Network Features On Sphinn

  1. Thanks Nick – I’ve added a few of those to my list on your recommendation.

    Oh, and thanks for following me (Mr603) and sphinning my articles!

    • @Andrew

      No problem, you’ve submitted a few good articles now. My only recommendation to you would be to submit more material from alternative sources, not joust your own blogs, to build more credibility into your account. Everyone pushes their own articles, that is expected but it’s sensible to mix that into other submissions.

      I amended the last paragraph on this post after you wrote this – so I’ll add your profile link here.

  2. I assume these features are visible when logged in so I registered and tried to log but it says I’m not registered. It’s possible I broke the system as 1password threw in the odd wrong form. Thinking about it now maybe I’m see as an invisible form filling bot?

  3. @Tom

    Yep you’d need to be logged in to get access to these features.

    Not sure what happened with the password there, sounds like you tripped a filter but odd you didn’t get an error message.

    Did you click the confirmation email that was sent? I know the system won’t let you log in until that part of the process has been completed?

  4. @Nick yes there may have been some confusion between mail address and username from the autofiller and checking my spam box it looks like the mail was never sent so I’ll restart the process, checking a bit more this time :)

  5. Looks like there must be a hidden form field – got the email OK now, but also need profile avatar for networking. That’s not a problem, done, but auto-filling the rest also trips a bot detector which logs me out.

    So it looks like it uses a combination of captchas, hidden fields, email verification and who knows what else to keep the bots out and to throw out the bots that get in which is cool if a bit overkill. The only thing that puts me off is having to solve a captcha each time I log in.

  6. @Tom

    Yep but try to imagine how much spam Sphinn used to get each day – especially as a site for marketers. There’s a lot of blackhat and automation knowledge in that group. Add to them the MakeMoneyOnline and Indian link spammers and you see why Sphinn needs this many defences.

    Saying that though, there isn’t a captcha on the login. That would have been overkill. The one you see there is for the password reminder form – as that gets hit by bots too. I’ll try and make that a little more obvious, thanks for the heads up.

  7. Nick,

    I think that’s a great idea. There’re quite a few worthy entries on sphinn that went unnoticed. Hope you’ll find my submissions useful as well

  8. I’m new to Sphinn. Thanks for the share Nick.

    It is very worthy and makes me to love sphinn more…


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