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Threadwatch 2004-2007The plug was finally pulled on the leading SEO discussion site, It had a good three year run, having been started in 2004 by Nick Wilson. After Aaron’s announcement on Monday members and editors were left wondering if the doors really would be closed. Right up to the last minute offers to buy were coming in. However both Aaron and Dave kept their public silence over the issue, closing the site as promised on Friday morning.

It maybe that their rumoured $50k asking price was not reached or perhaps they had a better offer to close the site. I know my wife would have put up some serious $$$ to stop me wasting my time there.

The final chapter seems to be Steve Baldwin’s entry in the ghost site archives where Threadwatch can rest eternal with the likes of Boo and

However as Aaron said, closing the site will help create an opportunity for something better. Well new sites have already sprung up to fight for Threadwatch’s scattered audience. by Earl Grey
W3wisdom by Jason Duke

Plus former TW editor The Founder has opened up AOSEP (Association of Search Engine Professionals) to refugees.

It seems unlikely that this niche can support many sites and it would be preferable to have everyone pulling in the same direction. No doubt the coming weeks will see who takes the crown (I’m sure someone in the SEO world has started sweepstakes on this already). And remember, there’s always the 100/1 shot on Threadwatch being resuscitated. If the Spice Girls can make a comeback tour then anythings possible.

Update: Well it looks like Sphinn won the day. Great work Danny, Rob and Michelle. I for one welcome our new Sphinn overlords…

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