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Jaiku have finally completed their much anticipated move to the Google App Engine. They have also moved the platform out of its closed status and given existing users an unlimited number of invitations. This email was sent out a few minutes ago:

We’ve been working on the Jaiku service over the weekend after
finding an issue with one of our servers on Friday. As part of the
solution, we’re moving Jaiku to a Google data center.

This is something that we’d planned to do anyway, as part of our
future transition to Google App Engine. Now that we’ve moved, we’ll
need to ask you to review and accept a new terms of service and
privacy policy.

As a special thank you for your patience, we’d like to throw a
little nest-warming party and open unlimited invitations for Jaiku.

Twitter must be feeling rather nervous right now. The Google App Engine promises to solve the infrastructure promises to solve the problems of reliability that have plagued Twitter over recent months. As Google themselves say, “Google App Engine makes it easy to build scalable applications that grow from one user to millions of users without infrastructure headaches”. This will be a very public demonstration of that statement and the validity of the platform.

There have also been suggestions that Python, the language used in the Google Engine will be a better choice for this kind of application. Most agree it is is faster than Ruby on Rails (RoR). However RoR fans point the finger at the framework behind the project, a key advantage Google holds over Twitter.

It’s likely there will be a migration to Jaiku, even just to check out the relaunch so ensure you have your branding/username secured. If you need an invite, then leave a comment below. As @seocopyandstrat just tweeted to me:

I wonder if we’ll all migrate to Jaiku next time the Fail Whale appears, and then stay there?

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4 Responses to Jaiku Moves To Google Servers: Open To All

  1. “If you need an invite, then leave a comment below. ”

    Hey Nick, I’ll take one of those invites please! Thanks for the heads up too.

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  4. Infrastructure is turning out to be google’s key comeptitive advantages.

    If you have an invite spare, I could do with one.

    Thanks Nick

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