Interflora Back in Google Recovering From Ban

interflora logo Interflora Back in Google Recovering From BanAfter their spectacular fall from grace, due to the purchase of too many paid-link advertorials, it seems Google has lifted much of the penalty they applied to No doubt eyebrows within the SEO community will be raised at the speed of their recovery.

As you can see from my analysis below, kindly supplied by Searchmetrics, the domain has not only bounced-back on their main brand terms, “interflora” and “interflora UK” but across many high-volume generics, such as “florist”, “funeral flowers” and “hampers”.

interflora rankings recovery Interflora Back in Google Recovering From Ban


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Nick Wilsdon is the Head of Content and Media at iProspect UK, part of the Densu Aegis Network. He manages online campaigns for the UK's leading telecom, finance and FMCG brands.


  1. Nick Wilsdon says


    Very interesting – trust Yousaf to have spotted it first. I noticed in Searchmetrics that many of the keyword terms had already jumped upwards between 40-60 positions before that last weekly sweep, so suspected the bounce-back started well before Sunday. Good to get that confirmed, thanks.

  2. says

    This beggars belief.

    While Google will happily ban and destroy sites for less, for brands nothing sticks to them. There’s so much spam in their backlink profile that link penalties should be affecting the domain full force, they also have a history of being penalised several times.

    I think Google should explain this one, because it’s not in line with what they tell us to do.

    • says

      Whilst I agree with you Jack, it’s not going to happen.

      The important thing here is Interflora have operated in their market for over 100 years, their level of expertise and service area/cover is surely enough to merit very high if not top SERPs. I’m speaking in an ideal world, of course.

      I refuse to believe that level of business scale and expertise (clout) doesn’t have sway ‘offline’ with Google, i.e. a few strong words exchanged over cold coffee and red faces.

      • Nick Wilsdon says

        Hi Jack/Ed,

        Thanks for commenting. My own impression is that the Google web spam team is very much independant from the commercial workings of the business. Knowing how principled the team are, I don’t believe advertising spend is a factor.

        I see the real conflict being around the user experience. Focus groups have shown that users expect certain websites to be present in the listings when they carry out a search. If they are not there, as the Bing research confirmed, they tend to think the search engine is broken. This presents a unique problem for Google and the other SEs. Imagine keeping Waitrose or Tesco out of searches for ‘supermarkets’, especially for local searches. It just wouldn’t be practical, the search engine would cease to be functional.

        In this way big brands do have an advantage, when it comes to search, they are simply too big to fail.

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