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I went cold-turkey on Windows at the beginning of this year, installing Ubuntu on my work station. It’s been frustrating at times, when you have to learn to do tasks again but you soon adapt. One thing I have missed though are some Windows tools and applications. Most have been replaced, even PhotoShop has a near perfect copy in Pixel Image Editor but no one has bothered to port the smaller tools, especially niche ones that help in SEO/SEM.

So as part of my contribution to the Linux community, I’ve been trying to help in the Wine project. This software attempts to allow you to run Windows programs in a Linux environment, and is completely free. The list of applications they have working is impressive and the work of the Wine community has definitely enabled many people to cross to Linux.

One of the first tools I have managed to get working there, is GSiteCrawler. This program will scan your site and automatically create and upload an XML sitemap for Google or Yahoo! Once uploaded, their location can be added to the respective webmaster panels.

How to Install GSiteCrawler for Ubuntu

If you already have Wine installed then jump to point 4.

1. Add the Wine respository to your system:
# sudo wget -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/winehq.list

2. Update your system package information:
# sudo apt-get update

3. You can now install Wine by clicking this link. Alternatively, you can install by going to Applications->Add/Remove and searching for Wine.

4. Install the following at the terminal:
# wget && sh winetricks jet40

5. Download the full installation copy of GSiteCrawler from here and save to your desktop.

6. Right click the program install file and select “Open with Wine Windows Program loader”.

You’re done. Of course, any of my Windows readers can also download GSiteCrawler and install this handy application. I’m building a list of Ubuntu-friendly SEO/SEM tools as a reference for online marketers who have crossed over or are thinking about the switch. Feel free to list any must-have Windows tools in the comments and I’ll add them to my list for testing.

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8 Responses to GSiteCrawler Now On Ubuntu

  1. I hope you could do this for GoogleBase.

    Small traders such as us are missing out on getting sales through Google, because we can’t do this ourselves.

    I tried to alter the template, but it doesn’t pick up attributes like UPC etc.

    I can create a sitemap from oscommerce admin.

  2. Hi Nina

    Thanks for your comment. Yes I see that GSiteCrawler can produce Google base files. Like you, I would have looked at the template file to see if you can make that more complicated.

    I have used these osCommerce plugins to create Google Base files before. Once you tweaked the formating mistakes it went well.

    I’m actually due to do this job again next week for a new client so it’s a good time for me to catch up with the available methods. They have an osCommerce site (like you?).

    I’d report back on how it went and hopefully that will help.

  3. I tried this, but when I ran GSiteCrawler it said “Error while trying to create the database ‘C:\Program Files\SOFTplus\GSiteCrawler\GSiteCrawler-Queue.mdb’: 0 -“

  4. @Nigel

    Yes that is the exact error I first got, before I installed the winetricks files. Have you done step 4?

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  6. Hey Nick,
    Finally – someone who understands the problem I’m facing having dropped windows as well and moved to Ubuntu.
    Some SEO type products work for me in wine and some don’t. I was ready to give up but tried your technique anyway and I couldn’t believe it when Traffic Travis suddenly worked!

    You’re the man and thanks for this. Now I wish I could talk you into helping me out with some other of my products that seem to work but don’t want to reveal their full page – micro niche finder and anything from Incansoft.



  7. Hey Gil

    Glad that helped you. I have to say though, I couldn’t have found this fix without the experts over at the Wine Project.

    If you have programs that aren’t working with Wine then head over there and enter it onto their database. Submit any errors you find as bugs and there’s a chance someone will assist.

    Fixing program-related issues helps to make Wine a better/more complete emulator overall so they seem glad for the contributions.

    I still want to get round to launching a site for people like us – SEM’s trying to make the cross-over but client work has been intense (can’t complain though!) .

  8. Well done, any news of a mac os x port? Ive switched and this is one piece of essential software where I have to go back to the old PC. Cheers

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