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Google Analytics Solution GalleryGoogle has released a series of Google Analytics Dashboards, Advanced Segments and Custom Reports at their new website, the Google Analytics Solution Gallery. You select the dashboard, segment or custom report that interests you from the drop-down menus, and provided you are currently logged into your GA account, this is a one-click install.

Obviously this is a great resource for people who want to get more out of their analytics but lack the skills to set up these kind of customised views. google-analytics-custom-reportsEven for those of us who do work with GA, this is a useful time-saver. Definitely a website to bookmark.

A sample of the customisations on offer (with direct links):

  • Paid vs. Organic Search Performance – essential view that lets you see the difference between organic and paid traffic to your website, letting you optimise for both individually.
  • Mobile Ecommerce Dashboard – dashboard viewpoint of mobile and tablet interactions with your website, very useful in identifying device-related bounce-rates and performance.
  • Social Sharing Report – assess the progress of your content marketing distribution through the major social channels.
  • 5 Keywords / 6+ Keywords – a view of the most important 5/6+ word terms that are currently driving traffic to your website. Allows you to optimise content for these terms and increase value.
  • Branded traffic / Non-branded traffic – to understand the value of branded and generic terms within your SEO effort.

Cick here to visit the Google Analytics Solution Gallery

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  1. The advanced segments is better and i using it on daily basis to enhance my power to use custom segments of analytics….

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