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Updated: December 8, 2012

It's important to note that the links below will not work if you are logged into your Google account. With the launch of Google Drive, these links will now direct to your own personal drive folder. Log out of Google and all will return to normal.

Earlier this month, Google gave their users access to a free library of document templates. I found time last night to dig around and discovered some useful ones for search marketers. To save you some time, here are direct links to the ones I downloaded.

1. Non Disclosure Contract (NDA)

An NDA is an essential tool for a search marketer, or anyone in a consultancy role. This contract creates a confidential relationship between two parties and prevents either side discussing sensitive information to third parties. This obviously comes in handy when quoting on a project but I have also used an NDA with industry peers when asking for advice. You can read more on NDAs here.

2. Presentation Backgrounds

Giving talks and presentations are an essential part of marketing yourself or your company in the search world. It may not be SMX, SES or PubCon but sooner or later your going to find yourself knee-deep in PowerPoint. Larger client contracts often require you to make a presentation to their team.

3. Company Newsletters

These templates can give you or your client the push they need to start email marketing to their customer base. Not only is the R.O.I. higher when marketing to existing clients but as Garrett French writes email marketing can form part of your linking strategy.

4. Basic Google Adwords Proposal

Google’s released two templates to help you with their Adwords system. This one is a basic proposal document for a new Adwords client. You can show trends to clients, sample keywords/creative and give estimated costs for the campaign.

5. Adwords Creative Generator

This template will help you create adverts for your Adwords campaigns. I’m not well versed in PPC but it looks like the aim of this sheet is to auto-generate advert headlines based on your Ad Groups. It will mix custom terms with Ad Group keywords and highlight adverts that exceed the character limit. Once you have finished here, you paste into Adwords Editor or a bulksheet.

6. Travel Expenses and Itinerary Templates

Going to conferences is an essential part of the search industry. It’s a great way to get a beer pick up clients. These templates can help you keep track of your travel details and expenses. Having them on Google Docs is perfect when you’re on the move.

7. Video Christmas Template

It’s depressing to think about Christmas already but for many of us involved in e-commerce the planning starts soon. Assemble your mailing list and send out this card at the start of the season, with a reminder of the month’s best deals.

The template wording needs tweaking but it comes in 5 colours and the embedded video is an interesting angle. Alternatively use it for your own marketing clients or just to give your designer some inspiration.

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