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I have several sites in our Google Analytics account, as most people do I suspect. However I noticed this morning that Google seems to be mixing up the data in a couple of them. Here’s a screenshot of the content report (pageviews/traffic by content) when logged in as

Mixup of posts from two accounts

As you can see, there are several references to articles on this blog, The data from the two sites seems to be merged. I’ve tried in other browsers and refreshed cookies but the problem remains. Anyone else got this issue?

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3 Responses to Google Analytics Merges Data on Accounts

  1. I’m not seeing this same situation in my Analytics account. Does this have anything to do with data sharing setting? I selected not to share my information. I clicked on the Dashboard Analytics Sharing link (Edit Account and Data Sharing Settings) and chose do not share. Might be worth a try, not sure if this has anything to do with what you are seeing.

  2. Hi Daria

    I was sharing data. I’ve just turned that off now to see what happens. The data is still mixed up in the account – even checking from my laptop at home now. Looks like a bug somewhere in the system.

    I’ve mentioned this a few places and generally people say GA is free, so you get what you pay for. I agree with this to a point but Google is trying to push GA for companies, same as their mail and office services. That was definitely the impression I got at their SES London session. They are also offering a Analytics Professional qualification to marketing companies, in the same way as their Adwords qualifications. If your going to make these steps you either have to get the product up to par or offer a paid/professional option.

  3. The data sharing is supposed to help Google provide better results/services and also may involve Google products. Hard to say if this option does anything to your Analytics account, could simply be a bug as you say.

    I agree Nick there should be no limitations for use of free Analytics tools. Apparently if you choose the share option you lose access to some tools including benchmarking and their PPC Conversion Optimizer tool. I haven’t looked into either of these tools but it seems if your goal is to have companies using the free tools in-house then you should offer the tools with no limitations.

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