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Dan Thies is one of the most experienced SEOs in the industry, so when he releases a post or ebook you’d be wise to pay attention. Dan has just completed his updates for his free e-book “SEO Fast Start 2008” and posted it to his site. You can download it here

This e-book is an excellent course to new or intermediate SEOs. It takes you through an optimisation process or strategy for a website, which Dan terms “The SEO Fast Start System”. Each stage is explained in clear, understandable terms and covers everything from the ideal site structure and recommended directories to PageRank sculpting (third level push).

This ebook is compulsary reading for my staff (and myself) and I’m very grateful to Dan for releasing this information free of charge. New additions for the 2008 edition have been helpfully notated, so previous SEO Fast Start readers can quickly scan for this new material.

Download SEO Fast Start SEO e-Book (97 page PDF)

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Lead SEO, Group Optimisation at Vodafone. Founder at E3 Business Incubator, a consultancy group helping enterprises and start-ups. Digital strategist and veteran SEO/SEM. Views are my own and not representative of my employer (more).

3 Responses to Free SEO PDF eBook By Dan Thies

  1. Thanks, Nick! Quick note – registration is NOT required, just worth doing. :D The link to download without registering is on the same URL.

  2. Updated the post Dan – thanks again for the PDF. :)

  3. thx for the pdf nick :)

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