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Ruby On Rails Free Book Sitepoint are giving away free copies of Patrick Lenz’s Ruby on Rails book for the next month.

We’ve recently been getting into Ruby & Rails here and so far it’s impressive. As you know, I’m not a programmer but from talking with the team they like the simplicity of the coding and the speed at which they can develop. Now more web hosts are supporting the language it seems a solid option for application development.

So grab a copy of this download and throw it at your developers, they will thank you for it in a few months. The RoR coding is so simple even I’m thinking of having a go at learning this, the support for XML and AJAX makes it ideal for SEO tools.

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2 Responses to Free Ruby & Rails Book From Sitepoint

  1. I’ve always meant to learn Ruby ever since Rodney told me about it. Thanks for the tip. :)

  2. Hey Tinu, thanks for stopping by :) Just finished reading your gossip post actually heh.

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