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SERPGuard is a free alert service that checks the Google Safe Browsing Blacklists for your domain(s). You may create an account, log in and add all your sites into one simple interface. If our system detects any of your URLs on the Google phishing or malware blacklists, we will send you an RSS message and email immediately.

What are Google’s Safe Browsing Blacklists?

If Google detects malware or phishing attacks coming from your website they will put the URLs onto their blacklists and take steps to warn their users. They will place a message next to your results listing, an interstitial warning page when the user clicks the result and a pop-up alert if the Google Toolbar is installed. You can view examples of these warnings here..

This is a useful initiative to stop innocent users infecting their computers but being listed by Google in this way can have a serious effect on an online business. Users will be worried about the warnings shown to them and rankings/traffic can drop noticeably. The quicker you deal with this situation the better so early alerts are essential.

Introducing SERPGuard

SERPGuard is a Ruby on Rails project using the new Safe Browsing API that Google has helpfully made available. We built this application as part of our in-house client suite but decided to release it publicly.

Why would I use this tool?

Google has made their API available for exactly this kind of real-time reporting. Although they are already sending emails out from Webmaster Central you may want an additional checking mechanism. When it comes to something as serious as lost rankings, clicks or sales; you can never have enough alerts.

This tool will also be useful for webmasters who did not want to link up their entire portfolio within Google Webmaster Central. Our tool provides an independent and relatively anonymous way of checking all your sites in one place.

SERPGuard is RSS-powered. You will have a unique RSS feed which will update should any of your sites become infected. This gives you more choices in how to be alerted. One suggestion would be to create a new account at Twitter and feed the SERPGuard RSS stream to that account via Twitterfeed. Just follow that new account to receive instant updates by RSS or SMS to your mobile.

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