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As a few of you know, we’ve recently been exploring the options in the secondary domain market. In my view this is one of the most exciting areas for SEO/SEM’s to get involved in (read why I like old domains here). Over the last few years the number of domains being released into the public pool has been reduced significantly, and this flow will reduce to a trickle soon.

As an SEO/SEM finding the right domain for your clients or internal projects is going to become an art form, a mix between good negotiation skills and having search skills in the right places. The secondary domain market is one such place.

With this in mind we’ve released our – Domain Auction Valuation Tool. You can check the number of Yahoo links, domain registered age, Web Archive results and receive email alerts on your search criteria.

Want to know the kind of domains you will find there?

Well lets take a few gems from the list. How about, registered in 1998 with 107 links (incl. Yahoo! Directory). Or how about, this 4-letter domain has been online since 2001 and they have 417 IBL’s – including 2 .edu’s and several from the authority site

Happy hunting…

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