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30a2_2.JPG is an application which aims to game Digg and get your link on the front page. It’s up for sale on Ebay at the moment.

From a review at Tech Crunch:

A link on the front page of Digg means tens of thousands of visitors to your site, so it’s no surprise that people are setting up systems to game it. The newest attempt is called Spike the Vote. It’s easy to wag your finger at them and say “shame on you,” but Digg is going to have to deal with threats like this if the content on its front page is going to mean anything.

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Lead SEO, Group Optimisation at Vodafone. Founder at E3 Business Incubator, a consultancy group helping enterprises and start-ups. Digital strategist and veteran SEO/SEM. Views are my own and not representative of my employer (more).

4 Responses to Want to buy a system to game Digg?

  1. E3 KWD Cheker – is your programm? It is very good.

    Sorry for my English

  2. Thanks Artem – yes we built that but it’s a little out of date now. I wouldn’t mind created version 2 but I’m not sure how many people refer to KWD these days. Still we’ve had nearly 50’000 downloads of it, so I guess a few people do :)

  3. I think, that E3 KWD Check is a real good program and a lot of SEO managers used it. Russian equivalents, such as SE-Monitor, Ashmanov & Partners and other are not so quick and simple. We are used it for testing SEO optimization for the site in Yandex and Rambler, and got a good results. We are moving this site in the top20 Yandex and Rambler by 10 key phrases.

    May I ask you a question? What are you (or your mean for Is it a simple design (such as Dream weaver MX templates) or anything else?

    I and my wife are web-designers and for 3 years of our experience didn’t hear this term.

    Can you answer me to e-mail? I don’t like forums and blogs.

    Sorry for my English

  4. Hi Artem,

    I’ll write you an email as well but for sites that explain Web 2.0 style these are probably the best:

    There are plenty of links to follow from that first one – including one to the Russian site

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