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Danny Sullivan is celebrating 10 years in the business. For those who are doing the maths – yes that means Danny was pretty much there from point go. In fact he’s more than a little responsible for this industry being around in the first place.

As a tireless blogger over at Search Engine Watch, he has turned that site into the No.1 source for search engine news. In fact he’s so authoritative on the subject he often steps in to fill the communication gap that some of the search engines left behind. He was even referenced in Larry and Sergey’s original paper on designing a search engine..

During a recent flaming from the Digg community, I think we saw one of his greatest accolades:

“RTFM guys If you’d read the article and researched Danny’s background you’d realize that you’re committing the search world equivalent of calling Linus Torvalds a script kiddie”

Heh, well said that man…

He’s collected an anthology of some of his most important posts over these ten years, and it makes essential reading for anyone in this industry.

Congratulations Danny and here’s to the next ten years! (and get that book written!)

Congrats to Danny, Who is Older Than Dirt, In a Good Way :)

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