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Sorry if it’s seemed a bit quiet round here recently. The latest WordPress versions 2.5.0/2.5.1 have a bug which kills off some RSS addresses. If you look at the feed URL in a browser it will have no posts there or errors. It may have done the same to your blog too, so have a check.

Some of the feed addresses in WordPress, namely wp-rss2.php, wp-rss.php and wp-rdf.php no longer work in these versions. The or addresses still work. As Otto42 one of the WP Moderators writes:

The fix for this will be in 2.5.2.

And you should never have been using wp-rss2.php in the first place. The correct feed URL, for all WordPress blogs, is either ?feed=rss2 or /feed. It has been that way for all versions since 2.0. The wp-rss stuff is a left over from the old 1.5 days, over three years ago. We really should remove it, IMO.

BTW, if you are using non-default permalinks, then you can simply DELETE the wp-rss.php and wp-rss2.php file, and all your feed users will get redirected to the correct URL of /feed the next time they hit the site. Those got integrated into the permalinks, there’s no need to keep those files around anymore. This will fix it right now, no waiting around.

Of course this issue is a major problem if you are feeding one of these ‘legacy’ addresses into FeedBurner, as I was on this blog. Update that to immediately. Deleting the problem files as Otto42 suggested didn’t work for me, returning a 404 “page not found”. Instead, I’ve updated my .htaccess file as follows to point everything to /feed/ and then onto my FeedBurner URL

# BEGIN Redirect Feeds
Redirect 301 /wp-rss2.php
Redirect 301 /wp-rss.php
Redirect 301 /wp-rdf.php
Redirect 301 /feed/ http://your-feedburner-url/
# END Redirect Feeds

You could probably do the same job with the FeedSmith Plugin but you would still have ensure that you are not using a legacy feed URL as the source in FeedBurner.

Update 30/06/08

Grrr…just realised that updating the empty FeedBurner URL may have sent some of you some of the old posts your missed. Sorry about that, didn’t mean to flood you.

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