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Google Defines Search Space Not ICANN


ICANN has just delayed the launch of their new Top Level Domain (TLD) extension program, which lets businesses apply for custom extensions such as .shoes, .flowers and .texas. They have cited technical, economic, legal, and policy issues that still need to be resolved. There’s one issue ICANN are unlikely to consider though; how these domains […]

12 Essential Domain Name Registration Tips


It’s easy to avoid disasters with hindsight and hopefully 10yrs as a domain registrar, web producer and marketer has given me some. In my opinion, here are 12 defensive steps which you should take right now. 1. Ensure Your Domains Have Accurate WHOIS records Sounds simple but you wouldn’t believe how many domain registrations have […]

More Google-GoDaddy Merger Rumours

Domain legend Frank Schilling links to two more articles speculating on the “Google-GoDaddy merger” rumours. When asked about a potential union, Godaddy CEO Bob Parsons told eWeek, “I have no comment on that, but I’d like to.”

Domain Auction Tool Update

For all you aspiring domainers out there, we’ve made some updates on our Domain Auction Tool. Email alerts can now be set up to search on keywords, contained in auctioned domains. You will see this section added to your daily email report, together with the No. of Yahoo links and Registered Date. To start email […]

Keeping Them Old With Domain Auctions

There’s been a fair amount of talk recently on ways to keep domain names looking old, Rand posted about the drop name service providers Snapnames, Enon and Pool. I wanted to explain about a recent development that’s rocking the industry: the domain auction. Ok some background information. When you fail to renew your domain name […]

74 000 .eu domains suspended

According to the Finnish site Content Business, EURid has suspended 74 000 .eu domain names and has sued 400 registrars for breach of contract. They have accused a syndicate of registrars of systematically acquired domain names with the obvious intent of selling them. In the domain business we call this warehousing. In this case we […]

Belgium .be promotion fiasco

Well the last 48hrs were interesting for us here. As most of you know we had to pull the plug on the free .be registrations here last night. Being on the ‘most popular’ list of / digg and 100+ blogs /forums can take quite a toll on a server, and put unfair pressure on […]

Free Belgium .be domains for all

This offer is now closed – sorry folks. You are welcome to register your .be domain at our normal low prices. Switzerland is immediately associated with banking, clocks and mountains, Holland with tulips, cheese and wind-mills. For Belgium, we have chocolate, Hercule Poirot and in my opinion the best beer in the world. Belgium has […]

Verisign wasting your time – invoice them

There has been a particularly great follow up to the appeal that Gorge Kirikos made for information for his new website. Steve Wills of has found an ingenious solution to the loss of time and money that Verisign causes his business – he simply invoices them!!

George Kirikos, author of the famous anti-sitefinder petition is appealing for material for his new website project: Sitefinder was a public “service” provided by Verisign which gave all non-existent domain names a holding page containing advertising and a search portal. Unsurprisingly many people saw this move as an abuse of their position and pressure forced them to suspend the project.