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Expert Tips on Increasing Website Speed


Not sure if this is just my network, but recently my Google+ feed has definitely improved. Over the weekend, a thread about improving website speed encouraged some really useful contributions. Scott True kicked things off with this question. Andrew Shortland started off with some basic advice. Use caching. If you have a WordPress blog, I […]

AOL and Hotmail Users Spend More Than Gmail


Those clever folk over at MailChimp have been carrying out some research using their extensive dataset of user email conversions/purchases. Well, we wondered if we could use this data to say anything about the spending habits of email addresses by domain. For example, do AOL users spend more than Gmail users? They managed to deal […]

Each Second Of Video Delay Will Loose You 6% Users


A new study entitled “Video Stream Quality Impacts Viewer Behavior” reports that users will begin to abandon your videos if they fail to load in 2 seconds. For every 1 second of further delay you can expect to loose another 6% of users, with a 5 second delay resulting in 20% of your audience jumping […]

SPF Sender Policy Framework Records Explained


Hopefully you’ve already heard of SPF records, one of the new ways to fight spam across the internet. When a mail server receives an email it can check the DNS zone of the sending domain for a SPF record. That will tell them if the email did indeed come from that domain name, using an […]