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Thomas Cook New Year’s Resolutions Calculator

Thomas Cook New Year's Resolution Calculator

Thomas Cook has just released an extremely smart piece of content, a New Year’s Resolutions Calculator with a twist. The tool allows you to input your vices, then using HTML5/CSS3 it works out what you could save over 3, 6 or 12 months if you choose to keep your resolution. The clever twist is that […]

Pinterest Enables Business Accounts


Caught my eye this week, that Pinterest have just enabled business accounts for users. To date commercial activity was actually against their guidelines. As Liz Gannes over at AllthingsD explains, Aside from being allowed to act commercially, there are a few more benefits to being a business user: Verification badges, buttons and widgets to try to […]

Raising Conversion Through Badges


This infographic at Econsultancy created by Monetate suggests that product badges can actually improve conversion rates by as much as 55%, so it’s clearly a sales method that can’t be ignored. I’ve found this to be true within ecommerce CRO. Look especially at schemes which install trust in the user, such as SSH site-seals, Truste […]

Facebook Language & Location Targeting Misses the Mark


If Facebook was a country, 500m users would make it the 3rd largest. Some way behind China (1.3bn) and India (1.2m) but comfortably ahead of America (312m). It’s easy to see why this platform has become a central pillar of social media marketing in many markets. However Facebook marketing presents a challenge for international brands, […]

French Handball Creates Online Reputation Nightmare


Communication has been drastically changed by the Internet. Now world events are commented on within minutes by thousands of users. So when Henry Thierry used the ‘hand of God’ to push them through to French team through to the 2010 WorldCup – millions of comments appeared on the web. In terms of client reputation management […]

Using Network Features On Sphinn


In this post, I wanted to show you one of the useful additions to the new Sphinn platform; networking. This feature lets you filter the articles on the site to submitters you trust and want to follow. Underneath each submission there is an add button, as you see below. Click this to add this person […]

Unfortunate ALT Tags in Email Campaign


This piece of email marketing from Vocus PR made me smile today. You have to wonder if they checked the mailing without the images being shown (default usually). Writing out the full word “Bullet” in the ALT tags is going to take a few seconds longer – but trust me – you give the reader […]

Twitter Debutes In Dilbert


AFAIK this is a first time Twitter has appeared in the world of Dilbert. Goes to show how far the service is progressing into the mainstream. A recent report by eMarketer suggests that Twitter user numbers could exceed 26m in the US alone. Global estimates have been put at 35-45m current users. Even with the […]

12 Essential Domain Name Registration Tips


It’s easy to avoid disasters with hindsight and hopefully 10yrs as a domain registrar, web producer and marketer has given me some. In my opinion, here are 12 defensive steps which you should take right now. 1. Ensure Your Domains Have Accurate WHOIS records Sounds simple but you wouldn’t believe how many domain registrations have […]

WhosTalkin: New Social Search Tool Launched


WhosTalkin is a new search engine for the social media landscape. It searches across 40+ popular social media applications, providing in depth results not usually seen in the mainstream search engines. In their own words: is a social media search tool that allows users to search for conversations surrounding the topics that they care […]