Chinawhite is one of my favourite blogs at the moment. It’s not just because of the content, which Shak always presents with a smile but also because I can appreciate being far from the UK; working and living in another culture. Russia is a very strange place at times, and the occasional run in with the KGB always keeps things interesting. Placing my details on the SEO map really brought it home to me how far on the frontier I really am. Although to be fair the fact that the only other westerner here is a missionary should have rung some bells…

For those who don’t know I moved to Ivanovo, Russia in 2004. The main reason was to be with Anna, who I married in June of this year. However travelling had always come easily to me and I found the idea of setting up and running a business in Russia more than exciting. It’s a young industry here but with some very experienced professionals guiding it. The number of former Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft employees I have met over the last year are a testament to that.

Learning a new language is hard. I can sympathise with you Shak on the Chinese lessons! I am starting to find my feet here now though. E3internet has never looked better and with 14 of us working together now, we have some great plans for 2006. I can’t tell you too much quite yet but it will involve me working more within RuNet.

Nick, Rand, Aaron, Danny and Barry et. al do a great job covering general marketing news – I hate to reprint the same material and frankly ‘adding to the conversation’ is easier through the comments at Threadwatch. At Multilingual Search, I’ll still be bringing you the business news as an editor. Here though I’d like to bring you a better perspective as the "man on the ground"* in Russia.

Comments more than welcome

*™ Shak 2005 ;)

Lead SEO, Group Optimisation at Vodafone. Founder at E3 Business Incubator, a consultancy group helping enterprises and start-ups. Digital strategist and veteran SEO/SEM. Views are my own and not representative of my employer (more).

3 Responses to Blogging, Russia and Why I am here.

  1. YoYo,

    Thanks for the kind words, I wish you all the best on your mission.


  2. Thanks Shak, much appreciated. I wish you all the best there as well. Beers are on me if you ever come through Moscow :)

  3. Hello Nick…somehow found you while doing some research on Ivanovo..would you be prepared to pass on some of your local knowledge? – check out my website to verify- I may be able to put this on some sort of
    business footing would be happy to hear from youand then explain in detail. Sincerely.. Siobhan

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