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There’s nothing more annoying that constant reminders about events you are not planning to attend, so for my readers who are not going to PubCon, I apologise.

However if you are planning on hitting Vegas next week, I’d like to meet you so here’s a list of the available out-of-hours events to date. I’ll try and keep this page updated but make sure to follow Joseph Morin (PubCon Evangelist) on Twitter for all late breaking party & events info.

PurposeInc FightClub

  • What: PurposeInc have arranged a unique training session with Coach Shaun Tompkins, trainer of Randy Couture, the 5 X Heavyweight Champion of the world.
  • When: Tuesday Nov 11th: 2:15-3:30 pm
  • Where: Xtreme Couture Gym. 10 minute cab ride from Treasure Island
  • RSVP Required? The event will cost $149 and you can sign-up here.

In-House Marketers Meetup

  • What: Dan Perry has kindly organised an unofficial social event for in-house SEO/SEM marketers.
  • When: Tuesday Nov 11th: Time TBA
  • Where: Looking like the Isla Mexican Kitchen at Treasure Island Hotel. There are 90 types of Tequila and the average meal is around $30.
  • RSVP Required? Yes it would be helpful to know the numbers interested in attending. Leave a note on Dan’s blog to indicate you’re interested.

SEOmoz Search Spam/Wherewolf Party

  • What: SEOmoz are hosting a game of “Wherewolf” the popular card-based conference game. Great fun last year, well after everyone finally learnt the rules.
  • When: Wednesday Nov 12th: 7:00-9:00 pm
  • Where: Conference Hall
  • RSVP Required? Yes you need to email the industy’s most famous SEOmom Gillian. Unfortunately it looks like the event is now full and no longer accepting reservations. As Rand points out below, there are still places left but act fast!

Late Night @High Limit Room Bar at Mirage

  • What: Dr. David Klein from PurposeInc has pulled some strings and got us entry into one of the most exclusive bars in Vegas. Read his post.
  • When: Wednesday Nov 12th: Midnight – until late
  • Where: High Limit Room Bar @ Mirage Resort and Casino
  • RSVP Required? None required but you might like to drop a note onto David’s post so he has an idea of numbers attending. Search Bash Sponsored by Microsoft

  • What: Those crazy guys at every SEO’s favouriteinternet radio station are hosting a party for all PubCon attendees.
  • When: Thursday November 13. 6:30-9:00 pm
  • Where: Rain In The Desert (The Palms Casino Resort), 4321 W. Flamingo Rd. (review)
  • RSVP Required?: Yes, sign-up required at SearchBash parties are open to all PubCon conference attendees but remember to bring your conference badge.

PurposeInc Charity Poker Night

  • What: PurposeInc’s poker night was a great event last year and very well attended. Beginner or pro – come and experience a little Vegas at the poker table. Read the post.
  • When: Thursday November 13. 9:00 pm
  • Where: Venetian Hotel Casino, 3355 Las Vegas Blvd.
  • RSVP Required? Yes, sign-up here. Remember to register online at the Venetian Hotel Casino before the night and bring your $150 buy-in fee.

Bonus Tip

Remember to sign-up at for the chance to review Vegas shows for free.

Enter Blog4Tix and Bloggers Night Out! Our mission is simple: to get bloggers full access to review big time Vegas shows. You sign up for Blog4Tix, pick out a show you would like to attend, get a free ticket and you can write a review of the show for your blog. You get free content, and the show gets press – WIN-WIN!

Update: Make sure you check out the PurposeInc schedual as well. It contains several other small networking events running over the PubCon week.

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3 Responses to After Hours PubCon Conference Events

  1. Thanks Nick!
    If you don’t mind a little link spam,

    This is a list of events that everyone is invited to!

    You guys especially!

    Much Love,

  2. I think you’re linking to the 2007 Werewolf party, hence the “sold out” note. I believe Gillian still has spots left. :-)

  3. @dk No problem – feel free to linkspam me :)


    Ah there is a note on that page which says “The SEOmoz Pubcon 2008 Wherewolf Party is now full and no longer accepting reservations.” Very glad to hear it’s still open, I’ve sent Gillian an email and amended the post. BTW Anna says she’s learnt the rules now and promises not to announce to the mod who she’s killing ;)

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