Thanks to Brian Turner and David Temple for passing me the baton. In case you haven’t seen this yet, the idea of the blog tag game is to tell people 5 things about yourself and then link onto others. For an overview of the game progress in SEO circles check out Michael Jensen’s tag tree.

OK here we go…

1. My name isn’t Nick Wilson. What were the chances of that in the same industry eh? Having a similar surname to Nick of Threadwatch/Performancing fame does cause confusion at times. But when it comes to being mistaken for someone, you could do a lot worse than Nick ;)

Nick Wilson Nick Wilsdon
 Wilsdon    Wilson

2. I used to backpack pretty much anywhere in the world, even crossing India on my own and living several months in the Kashmir valley. Now I’m with Anna (and a little older) I prefer the 4 star treatment but I’ve never lost the travel bug. Luckily I get to combine it with work these days, this year we plan to make the China Search Marketing Tour and Danny Sullivan’s first Search Marketing Expo in Seattle.

3. I met my wife Anna through the internet. The funny thing is it didn’t even seem that odd at the time. I’ve always spent many hours on-line and had many friends around the world to talk to. Some I had met in person while travelling, others I just knew virtually. I’d known Anna for 3 years before she invited me to come out and meet her and as they say, the rest is history. We got married in 2005 and I’m the luckiest guy in the world. I’ve never known anyone so beautiful, kind and supportive (heh yes she does read this blog sometimes).

4. I’m a workaholic. I’ll join Jim’s list on that – although being driven seems more than common in this industry. There is always something new to learn or experiment with, let alone the curve balls the search engines throw you. I’d never dream of doing anything else though.

5. I’ve been in 5 car crashes. Yep I seem to be hitting above the average with this to date. In all cases the cars have been written off. I’ve never been the one driving though. Funny thing is two of the worse ones have been with my Dad at the wheel – he even managed to flip an open top jeep once. I still don’t have a driving license myself, but I have been offered lessons here in Russia.

For a few extra dollars I can even take my driving instructor into the test with me to help with the translation. Doesn’t seem to worry them that he doesn’t speak a word of English…

Ok that’s me done; we’ll resume normal broadcasting shortly. I’ll pass this on to a few people to help with the linking and try and add some more international flavor a la my fellow editors at Multilingual Search. Shout goes out to Rasmus Sorensen in Denmark, Sante Achille in Italy and Georgi Georgiev in Bulgaria. Also lets try to move this round Russia with the notorious Greenwood.

Lead SEO, Group Optimisation at Vodafone. Founder at E3 Business Incubator, a consultancy group helping enterprises and start-ups. Digital strategist and veteran SEO/SEM. Views are my own and not representative of my employer (more).

7 Responses to 5 Things you didn’t know about Nick Wilsdon

  1. Hi Nick,
    gonna give it a shot – and to think I was settling down to a computerless Sunday afternoon but couldn’t resist checking my Email and here I am !

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  3. Good to see you do one of these things too Nick, and yeh, weird sometimes when we’re involved in the same discussions!

  4. Hi, Nick, I should tell you, that you are the most extravagant man I ever knew :-)

  5. Heh Hi Nick – yes especially now none of us use handles. I liked the comment at PF though – would you mind changing your name :| !?!

    Good to read yours Sante, and to see you’ve sent this round Italy some more. Jeff seems rightly impressed with his viral experiment – I have a feeling he’s going to rank for ‘blog tag game‘ for a fair old while to boot.

    Itman – extravagant for the 4-star traveling or writing off cars? :) Ah I used to be worse but Anna keeps me well in check these days. After we got married I pretty much had to hand over the credit cards heh

  6. Thanks for straightening that out with the pictures Nick. At least you didn’t get mistaken for Loren Feldman like Nick Wilson did in his comments section. I mean Loren’s my pal and he sponsored the China Search Marketing Tour and all but I wouldn’t want to be mistaken for him.

  7. Hi David,

    Yes the pictures definitely stopped any confusion ;) (I think you have to read Private Eye in the UK to get that joke heh).

    I’ve just installed a banner system on here so you’ll have to send over some for the China Search Marketing Tour. I’ve covered the basics here.

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