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Google Launches New Google Partners with Free Exams

From September 30th Google will replace the Google Certification Program, introduced in 2010 with a new Google Partners program. Partners will include improvements that make it more meaningful for agencies to get certified in Google advertising … [Read more]

Google Launches Manual Actions in Webmaster Tools

Early August saw a new feature roll out across Webmaster Tools; Manual Actions. This is functionality that webmasters have long been asking for, a tool that allows you to see if Google has put any manual penalties on your site. This tool is … [Read more]

Planning Blog Posts with the New Google Analytics App

Top marks to the Google Analytics team on their recent update to the GA Android App. The interface has been completely reworked and they have substantially increased the data available. One of my favourite features is the Content widget showing page … [Read more]

Places Available For Free SEO Seminar 6th June in London

Arena Media/Havas will be running a free SEO Seminar on 6th June in London, at the Soho Hotel entitled, "How SEO Can Fuel And Be Fueled By All Your Other Marketing Activities". I'll be speaking along with Ian Bowden (Arena Media), Kevin Thiele … [Read more]

Consumers Turn On Amazon Over UK Tax Avoidance

Amazon, Starbucks and Google are hitting the press this week again for their UK tax arrangements. Amazon UK pays £2.4m tax on total annual sales of £4.2bn, which accounts for 25% of all books and 90% of all e-books sold in the UK. In a time of … [Read more]

Using Google Sets To Generate Blogger Lists

Unfortunately I missed the Google's Sets Project, one of the first outputs from Google Labs that helped build sets based on a few key values. For instance, a set of "red, green, yellow" would yield more colours. The project was discontinued in 2011 … [Read more]

Interflora Back in Google Recovering From Ban

After their spectacular fall from grace, due to the purchase of too many paid-link advertorials, it seems Google has lifted much of the penalty they applied to No doubt eyebrows within the SEO community will be raised at the speed … [Read more]

Google Releases Free Analytics Dashboards, Advanced Segments and Custom Reports

Google has released a series of Google Analytics Dashboards, Advanced Segments and Custom Reports at their new website, the Google Analytics Solution Gallery. You select the dashboard, segment or custom report that interests you from the drop-down … [Read more]

Top 100 Guerrilla Social Media Marketing Firms and Consultants 2013

Robert Kim, Investor and writer for Forbes and FastCompany, has put together a list of The Top 100 Guerrilla Social Media Marketing Firms and Consultants 2013. It's an interesting collection of internet professionals and thought-leaders from … [Read more]

SEO Perspective On Google Enhanced Campaigns

Google has announced, what is being described by many commentators as one of the most fundamental changes to Adwords in years. There has been widespread coverage of the Enhanced Campaigns from industry PPC specialists but what does this update mean … [Read more]